Are todays Twitter leaders the new prophets?

When I started with Twitter in 2008, I really had to get used to the term: ” Followers”.
Although it’s better than giving the label “Friends” to people you haven’t met yet.

It reminded of old times where prophets had followers that took every word for granted.
Today I had to think about the brilliant movie, called Life of Brian.
For those of you who haven’t seen it yet: SEE IT!.

I have a small example down here, to show you what I mean, starting at 2:30. (see the whole clip)

What I’m trying to say is that sometimes you see the same effect on Twitter. When you look at the real big names on Twitter, like David Meerman Scott (whom I respect deeply), you see that he has over a 30.000 followers (a lot more than the prophets had in the old days). Whenever he tweets something it is almost automatically retweeted by others.

RT @dmscott: My short & fascinating video interview with John Suffolk, CIO of Her Majesty’s Government.

So my question is, are the big names on twitter the new prophets?

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